Competition BBQ Trailer


We take trailer manufacturing pretty serious…that’s evident when you look at this competition BBQ trailer that we built for Bottomless Pit out of Texas.  This incredible trailer brings the convenience of a gourmet kitchen and full smokehouse anywhere the roads take them.

2_94There’s some serious equipment in this trailer and it’s ready for business!  You can learn more about the Bottomless Pit BBQ team by visiting their website at Bottomless Pit BBQ.

19_73Great BBQ doesn’t just happen because you’ve got the best trailer, it takes a team of committed people that have a passion for great BBQ…thanks Bottomless Pit for entrusting inTech Trailers to manufacture your state-of-the-art mobile BBQ trailer!  Experience the inTech Difference for yourself, call us today at 574-773-9536 and we will put you in contact with your nearest authorized inTech dealer for pricing on a custom-built trailer equipped to your specific needs!

2014 PRI Show

Show Promo BannerIndianapolis, Indiana – PRI Show – Indiana Convention Center – December 11-13, 2014 – Make sure you stop out and visit inTech trailers during the 2014 PRI Show.  You will find us in three different locations this year, inside the convention show we will be in booth numbers 1836 and 2854.  You will also find our trailer in the outside display at booth number 9811, located just outside of the convention center. We will have heat inside the trailer, but bring your jacket, it might be a bit cold outside.  It will definitely be worth braving the cold to see this inTech Trailer.

We are bringing some exciting things to the show everyone, so make sure you stop by and experience the inTech Difference in person.  We will see you in Indy!

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All-Sports Trailers – King of Versatility

There’s been a resurgence of the snowmobile trailer and it’s not the everyday trailer you’ve seen in the past, the common deckover trailer that sits so high you don’t like to be seen towing it are a thing of the past.  No, times have changed and the king of versatility is the All-Sports trailers that have become the norm rather than the exception!

1Most people who are snowmobiling in the winter are using their ATV’s and side by sides in the summer, spring and fall…so with that said they need a versatile trailer that can accommodate both without sacrificing the special features needed to easily transport either.  Snowmobilers have finally accepted the interior wheelboxes as a tradeoff for a lower, more attractive and more versatile trailer.  What hasn’t changed is the familiar drive-thru front ramp door that makes loading and unloading a breeze.

10What’s even nicer with this design is that you can easily load a car into the trailer, giving you even greater versatility…and when you roll up to the track you don’t look like you’re towing a snowmobile trailer!  The side escape door not only serves for easy egress, it also provides an excellent access point to fuel your snowmobiles while they’re loaded in the trailer.

15Inside the trailer you won’t find the typical spartan layout…this trailer is equipped to serve multiple duties.  The Polybead flooring is tough enough to handle carbide studs yet attractive enough to transport your race car.  In addition, an inTech exclusive is the vapor barrier floor that places a single sheet of .024 thick aluminum above the frame, but below the floor, protecting it from the elements so your floor will last a lifetime!  The aluminum interior walls and ceiling give the trailer a bright, finished appearance.

22Cabinets can be a tricky component to add in a trailer with a front ramp door designed to load and unload snowmobiles and ATV’s.  With that in mind, we’ve designed a cabinet package that fits tight up against the front curbside wedge wall.  The cabinet include a base cabinet, bank of drawers and overhead cabinets.  There’s even a nice cutaway on the aft base cabinet to maximize sled storage!

31On cold days you can take away the chill with the 35,000 BTU LP ducted furnace.  This provides a great place to melt the snow and ice off your sleds or warm things up for you and your guests.

29Securing everything in your trailer…whether it’s snowmobiles, ATV’s or a car couldn’t be easier with inTech’s exclusive recessed airline track.  Three full-length rows give you the versatility and strength needed to give you peace of mind on those long trips.

47This trailer is just one idea as to how you can transport numerous motorsports toys…remember, inTech custom manufactures every trailer to your exact specifications.  So trust that we’re capable of meeting and exceeding your expectations.  Are you ready to experience the inTech Difference?  Give us a call at 574-773-9536 and we will put you in contact with your nearest authorized inTech dealer.



Fueled By Passion

32' inTech Gooseneck Car Hauler #2975

32′ inTech Gooseneck Car Hauler #2975

What I find absolutely amazing, even with working at inTech every day, is the incredible quality, fit and finish that goes into every trailer we manufacture.  It never ceases to impress upon me how fortunate we are to have such a dedicated workforce…a team of people with one simple goal…to build the absolute finest trailers available.

As a manufacturer of custom-built, all-aluminum trailers we have the opportunity to not only meet incredible people from across the United States, but from around the World.  We’ve had people fly in from Australia and New Zealand just to see our facility…even before committing to purchase a trailer…some have even returned to see their trailers during the production process!  No small cost when you’re traveling from the other side of the planet.

In building high-end trailers, we have learned that our customers can have quite high expectations.  In realizing this, I believe every person at inTech has committed to exceeding our customers expectations…no easy task to say the least.  But it’s this commitment that separates our company from the other trailer manufacturers, and I believe the proof is in each finished product we build.

To some people we simply build trailers…but we see it differently.  It takes passion to truly manufacture something that stands above anything else.  We put our heart and soul into every trailer that comes out of our facility, it’s our commitment to our loyal customers and our commitment to ourselves.  Experience the inTech Difference!

44′ inTech Gooseneck Stacker #2618

1A big gooseneck trailer on the back of a big Sport Chassis looks pretty incredible…but what makes it even more incredible is the unmatched quality, fit, finish, and attention to detail that you find with an inTech Trailer.  This 44′ Gooseneck Stacker has a lot of features that you won’t find in the everyday trailer…features that make it extremely user friendly at the track!

15Custom cabinets built in-house at inTech, designed to your exact specifications and a double-bank of Lista cabinet drawers give the customer plenty of storage everywhere you look…the steps on the right front riser wall lead you up into the break room/kithenette.

28The breakroom/kitchenette features a sink, microwave oven, twin refrigerators, a hanging closet and a flip up lunch counter.  There’s plenty of headroom to walk around and plenty of lighting throughout.

30The twin refrigerators provide plenty of room to store cold drinks and food items.

37The attic has plenty of room for storage and recessed airline track to secure your items.  This area can be easily converted into an enclosed bedroom with windows for out-of-the-way sleeping accommodations.  We even have options for a bath module that includes a toilet, shower and sink on the lower level just below the attic…efficient use of space and still plenty of room for the workshop area.

11There’s no better way to keep the cold air conditioning inside (this trailer has 3 rooftop air conditioners) than with a set of sliding glass doors.  The 60″ double doors provide plenty of room to get in and out of the trailer effortlessly.

20A stacker wouldn’t be a stacker without the lift.  At inTech we manufacture our own all-aluminum lift…this feature alone saves hundreds of pounds in weight over a steel frame lift.  This particular lift has an open center so that the customer can service his car when needed.  We also offer full floor lifts and lifts with a removable center.  This lift is hydraulically operated, the pump is stored out of the way inside of an in-floor compartment.

When you’re looking for the absolute finest all-aluminum trailer in the industry, look no further than inTech!  Our unmatched quality, fit, finish, and attention to detail will impress you, and we believe you will be surprised at just how affordable a trailer of this quality really is…so give us a call at 574-773-9536 and we will put you in contact with your nearest authorized inTech dealer.  Experience the inTech Difference!

Anodized Aluminum Trim Package

Available NOW, for immediate delivery, this limited edition 24′ inTech car hauler is the best of the best.  This trailer features an interior and exterior anodized aluminum trim package…in BLACK!  When you want your trailer to look as good in 10 years as it does the day you purchased it, trust that anodizing the aluminum will protect the beauty for a lifetime.  Anodizing protects the aluminum surface from corrosion, oxidation and scratches.


A close up look at the incredible fit and finish…note that this trailer features a fastenerless upper and lower rubrail…an ultra-clean appearance!

Take a look at the interior…


Anodized aluminum fenders…you won’t find a better built trailer…


URTEC 2014 – August 23-27- Booth 1225

URTEClogoLast year’s inaugural URTEC show in Denver was such a success that we will once again be in attendance this month as the show kicks off at the Denver Convention Center, August 23-27.  We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and your company to discuss your mobilization needs and how Intech Trailers can assist in building the highest quality product to meet those needs.


This year we will be displaying a 20 foot lab trailer that was custom designed for CGG Robertson and Baker Hughes as part of their field operations. With features such as a 3 Phase UPS Battery Power Supply with 300′ Power Cord, two 13,500 BTU Roof Mounted A/C units, two 5200 BTU Electric Wall Heaters, 16 feet of counter top work space with sink, lower/upper cabinetry, and two ventilated hoods for handling samples, this trailer provides a very nice temperature controlled working environment for workers out on the oil rig site and helps to expand their operations into a more mobilized solution.


Intech Trailers dedicates itself to providing our customers with the custom solutions they are looking for on the rig site.  So, no matter what your mobilization needs are, we can work with you to design and engineer a job specific trailer that is built for the rugid oilfield environment.  Come visit us this August and see why “It Does Make a Difference” with an Intech Trailer!!

For a free, no obligation quote, please feel free to call us at 574-773-9536.

Holbrook – Cobra Jet

Chris Holbrook is the best when it comes to drag racing the Mustang Cobra Jet…and he relies exclusively on inTech Trailers to make certain his car makes it to the track, on time and race ready.  Take a quick look at this “in the cockpit” view of one of  Holbrook’s runs.

Holbrook Cobra Jet  -  <– CLICK THIS LINK FOR THE VIDEO!

Banging through the gears!

Banging through the gears!

Save Gas – Buy Aluminum!

save gas buy aluminum 22There are plenty of reasons to purchase an all-aluminum frame trailer, fuel savings is just one of them and believe it or not, a lot of times we tell our customers that it’s not even one of the top reasons…even with the high price of gasoline these days. But, without question, if you can reduce the overall load being towed you’re going to increase your fuel economy…and even over a short time the savings can really add up. In addition, if you’re towing a lighter load, you’re not stressing your tow vehicle as much either…so you’re putting less wear and tear on your truck, saving you even more money.
So…if gas savings isn’t the big reason to buy an all-aluminum frame trailer what is? One of the most important reasons…and it’s one that’s not real apparent, is that when you step up into an aluminum trailer the cost is higher, so the expectations of the quality are also higher. This being said, manufacturers that specialize in building all-aluminum trailers, for the most part, tend to build higher quality trailers than you find with a steel frame trailer. That higher level of quality, fit and finish typically means that the trailer will not only last longer, but it will also deliver a higher quality of ownership, meaning you will be happier with the trailer during the time you own it.
Another important reason to consider an all-aluminum trailer is a little more obvious…aluminum doesn’t rust! Steel frame trailers don’t have the same quality of paint on the frames that you find on an automobile, so in very short time, usually within the same year of purchasing a steel frame trailer, you begin to see rust appearing. Once the rust starts…it doesn’t stop. There’s really not much you can do about it other than to sand it and repaint it.  Not only did you not buy a trailer to spend all of your time repainting it every year, you’re not going to be able to reach all of the rusted areas…so in short time your investment is rusting away right in front of your eyes.
Aluminum does corrode, but at a much slower rate than steel rusts…and the corrosion isn’t nearly as unsightly as rust on steel. Maintaining an aluminum trailer requires far less effort, and your investment will easily last much longer than the steel counterpart. Which leads to one more big reason to consider an all-aluminum frame trailer…resale value! Without question, all-aluminum frame trailers are going to retain more of their value over the long haul. You might even find that your cost to own the trailer is less for an all-aluminum frame trailer than the steel counterpart when you consider what you paid for the trailer versus what you’re able to sell it for later.
Hopefully, this gives you a little more insight as to just a few of the many reasons to consider an all-aluminum frame trailer over a steel frame trailer. For more information, give us a call at 574-773-9536 and we will put you in contact an authorized inTech dealer! Experience the inTech Difference!

Race Trailers – Available NOW!

One of the biggest issues we see every Spring is customers waiting until the last minute to order their new trailers.  They often forget that trailer manufacturer leadtimes begin extending at the start of the year and progressively get longer the closer to Spring we get.  This often keeps some customers from getting their trailers when they need them.

Solution…the inTech Power Program.  Participating dealers have access to some of our most common size trailers, pre-built and in stock, tag trailers in 24′, 28, and 32′ and a 40′ gooseneck trailer.  Each trailer is equipped with our iCon Series, which is our best selling, value-priced trailer…along with a few bonus items (lowered skirt with reverse beavertail, spare tire on aluminum wheel and rear caster wheels).  Don’t wait too long as supplies are limited.

You can learn more about the iCon Series at the following link iCon Series.  For more information, call us at 574-773-9536 and we will put you in contact with your nearest participating inTech dealer.

24′ iCon Series Car Hauler – Exterior

24′ iCon Series Car Hauler – Interior

24′ iCon Series Car Hauler – Interior Overhead CAD Prints