Holbrook – Cobra Jet

Chris Holbrook is the best when it comes to drag racing the Mustang Cobra Jet…and he relies exclusively on inTech Trailers to make certain his car makes it to the track, on time and race ready.  Take a quick look at this “in the cockpit” view of one of  Holbrook’s runs.

Holbrook Cobra Jet  -  <– CLICK THIS LINK FOR THE VIDEO!

Banging through the gears!

Banging through the gears!

Save Gas – Buy Aluminum!

save gas buy aluminum 22There are plenty of reasons to purchase an all-aluminum frame trailer, fuel savings is just one of them and believe it or not, a lot of times we tell our customers that it’s not even one of the top reasons…even with the high price of gasoline these days. But, without question, if you can reduce the overall load being towed you’re going to increase your fuel economy…and even over a short time the savings can really add up. In addition, if you’re towing a lighter load, you’re not stressing your tow vehicle as much either…so you’re putting less wear and tear on your truck, saving you even more money.
So…if gas savings isn’t the big reason to buy an all-aluminum frame trailer what is? One of the most important reasons…and it’s one that’s not real apparent, is that when you step up into an aluminum trailer the cost is higher, so the expectations of the quality are also higher. This being said, manufacturers that specialize in building all-aluminum trailers, for the most part, tend to build higher quality trailers than you find with a steel frame trailer. That higher level of quality, fit and finish typically means that the trailer will not only last longer, but it will also deliver a higher quality of ownership, meaning you will be happier with the trailer during the time you own it.
Another important reason to consider an all-aluminum trailer is a little more obvious…aluminum doesn’t rust! Steel frame trailers don’t have the same quality of paint on the frames that you find on an automobile, so in very short time, usually within the same year of purchasing a steel frame trailer, you begin to see rust appearing. Once the rust starts…it doesn’t stop. There’s really not much you can do about it other than to sand it and repaint it.  Not only did you not buy a trailer to spend all of your time repainting it every year, you’re not going to be able to reach all of the rusted areas…so in short time your investment is rusting away right in front of your eyes.
Aluminum does corrode, but at a much slower rate than steel rusts…and the corrosion isn’t nearly as unsightly as rust on steel. Maintaining an aluminum trailer requires far less effort, and your investment will easily last much longer than the steel counterpart. Which leads to one more big reason to consider an all-aluminum frame trailer…resale value! Without question, all-aluminum frame trailers are going to retain more of their value over the long haul. You might even find that your cost to own the trailer is less for an all-aluminum frame trailer than the steel counterpart when you consider what you paid for the trailer versus what you’re able to sell it for later.
Hopefully, this gives you a little more insight as to just a few of the many reasons to consider an all-aluminum frame trailer over a steel frame trailer. For more information, give us a call at 574-773-9536 and we will put you in contact an authorized inTech dealer! Experience the inTech Difference!

Race Trailers – Available NOW!

One of the biggest issues we see every Spring is customers waiting until the last minute to order their new trailers.  They often forget that trailer manufacturer leadtimes begin extending at the start of the year and progressively get longer the closer to Spring we get.  This often keeps some customers from getting their trailers when they need them.

Solution…the inTech Power Program.  Participating dealers have access to some of our most common size trailers, pre-built and in stock, tag trailers in 24′, 28, and 32′ and a 40′ gooseneck trailer.  Each trailer is equipped with our iCon Series, which is our best selling, value-priced trailer…along with a few bonus items (lowered skirt with reverse beavertail, spare tire on aluminum wheel and rear caster wheels).  Don’t wait too long as supplies are limited.

You can learn more about the iCon Series at the following link iCon Series.  For more information, call us at 574-773-9536 and we will put you in contact with your nearest participating inTech dealer.

24′ iCon Series Car Hauler – Exterior

24′ iCon Series Car Hauler – Interior

24′ iCon Series Car Hauler – Interior Overhead CAD Prints


April Stock Fiber Splicing Trailers – In Need of Upgrading or Just Starting?


(2) 6 x 10 (tandem axle)

(3) 7 x 12

(3) 8 x 12

inTech Trailers offers a full line of fiber optic splicing trailers for any size crew. The clean, temperature controlled environment has a unique lab layout that allows workers to maximize productivity in the field. Every trailer is well equipped with standard safety features to ensure the protection of your crew on any job site you may come across.

We specialize in building rugged and durable fiber optic splicing trailers that are specifically designed for the extreme demands that are seen in this industry. With a variety of models and options to choose from, you can find the product that fits both your needs and your budget. All of our trailers are built with the same heavy duty industrial frame and wall structures to make sure that your equipment will last for years to come.

Contact us today at 574-773-9536 for a FREE obligation quote.  Intech Trailers….Because It Makes a Difference!!!


2014 AAPG Show – Houston, Texas – April 6-9


Houston, TX – It’s just around the corner, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Convention & Exhibition.  April 6-9, 2014 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston, TX.  inTech Trailers will be displaying a 16′ custom lab trailer and this is the perfect opportunity to come down and see this trailer in person.

Handcrafted by our all-Amish workforce, you won’t find a better built trailer in the industry.  With a focus on umatched quality, fit and finish every inTech Trailer is equipped to get the job done efficiently and comfortably.  If your company is looking for the absolute best value in a geology or oil field trailer look no further than inTech.  We will work with you to design a mobile solution that is built around the operations of your company and your individual needs.  Discover for yourself the inTech Difference!  See you in Houston!

Driven to Win!

One common denominator that we find with inTech owners is their drive to win, that competitive fire that burns inside them.  Now, while we cannot guarantee you more trophies, we can promise that with inTech you will be a winner when it comes to your trailer.  Our all-Amish workforce are committed to manufacturing the absolute finest trailers available.  By providing you with the best-built trailers we’re giving you more time to concentrate on the things that matter most when you’re at the track…winning!

We’ve been fortunate in our short history to have a strong following of great racers…even World Champions.  Consider the following owners of inTech Trailers:

  • Eddie Krawiec – 3 Time NHRA World Champion Pro Stock Motorcycle Racer
  • Ryan Hunter-Reay – 2012 IndyCar Series Champion
  • Sammy Swindell – 3 Time World of Outlaws Champion
  • Donny Shatz – 5 Time World of Outlaws Champion

Owning an inTech Trailer places you in good company.  So, put your trust in inTech…we’ll do our part in manufacturing you a world class trailer and let you concentrate on winning at the track!

Incredible Customers

It’s always nice when customers share pictures with us of their trailer in use.  We even have a few customers who are regularly sending us images of their inTech Trailers being used all across this great country.  Look at this incredible 47′ Hudson that our customer Randy restored for one of his customers.  Randy owns Painthouse located in Cypress, Texas…we believe his work speaks for itself!

Randy owns a 36′ inTech gooseneck trailer and uses it on a regular basis to move these high end vehicles to shows across the country.  Below you’ll see another one of his projects…a 1967 Pontiac GTO strapped down inside the trailer and ready to roll!

In Randy’s business you have to sweat the details…that’s what it’s all about, and that’s why Randy was able to appreciate the quality, fit, finish and overall attention to detail that is found in each and every inTech Trailer.  You can’t show up to an event or deliver a customers vehicle in a “me too” trailer…Randy understands that the trailer he uses is a direct reflection of his business so he doesn’t settle for second best.

We want to thank Randy for always taking the time to share images of his incredible vehicles alongside or inside his inTech Trailer.  If you’re ever in need of his services, you can reach Randy at Painthouse at 281-477-7781…we promise you won’t be disappointed!

VIP – Full Access

Yes, you now have VIP Full Access with our newly redesigned Full Access Escape Door.  No longer will you need to crawl out of the window of your vehicle or squeeze between the trailer wall and your door to get in and out of your car.  Full Access has never been easier.

Simply open up the top hinged 10′ wide X 5′ tall escape door, remove the interior wheelbox that is held in place with two threaded knobs and your only clearance point is the distance above the trailer tires and the floor.  No more winching your car…no more damaging your cars paint…no more struggling!


Do you want VIP Full Access?  Give us a call today and learn for yourself why inTech has so quickly become the leader in aluminum frame car haulers.  Experience the inTech Difference…call us today at 574-773-9536.

34′ All Sports Gooseneck Trailer

We’re discovering a trend toward “All Sports” trailers.  More and more people are using their trailers for more than just one specific sport…we’ve got customers that use the same trailer for their snowmobiles as they do for their car, motorcycle or ATV’s.  Today’s active lifestyles are out of the house and either at the race track or deep in the woods.  It’s only logical that these people are going to need a trailer that delivers performance on a much broader spectrum.

This trailer features Polybead flooring with a vapor barrier sub-floor that prevents water and moisture from entering the trailer.  Polybead flooring is an incredibly tough material and holds up very well too the carbide studs on snowmobile tracks.

Interior storage is maximized by utilizing a full height wheelbox cabinet with adjustable shelves.  Because inTech custom builds all of our cabinets in-house, we can design and configure a cabinet package to meet just about any of your needs.

Two fuel fill doors on this trailer making refueling a breeze…simply pull up to the pumps, open the door and route the fuel pump into the trailer and fill up your snowmobile or ATV…it’s that easy!


Need more fuel once you’re out at that remote location?  Not problem, just option in the self-contained fueling station.  More fuel is ready when you are so you can stay out longer and enjoy your toys more!

If you’re an all sports kind of family, you’re likely to find yourself out in regions that aren’t exactly warm…no problem, option in one of our LP furnaces and you’re ready to heat up those cold days or long nights.  This customer had us install his furnace ducting midway down the wall to keep the heat low before rising toward the ceiling, efficiently heating the trailer throughout the entire length.

When you’re looking for the ultimate in an all sports trailer, custom-built to your exact specifications, look no further than inTech.  Our unmatched quality, fit, finish and attention to detail are the best in the industry.  Give us a call today and we will put you in contact with one of our authorized inTech dealers who can give you the full specifications and a detailed quote on the trailer of your dreams.  inTech Trailers…Because There is a Difference!

Santa’s Got a Brand New Sleigh!


Hopefully you’ve been good this year and Santa will be bringing you a new inTech Trailer for Christmas!  Santa himself even utilizes a custom-built, all-aluminum, lightweight inTech Trailer to transport gifts around the world behind his team of reindeer.  So take a word of advice from Old Saint Nick and put a brand new inTech under the tree…or behind your truck!