Tie Down Doors – Making It Easy


Because every inTech Trailer is custom-built to the exact specification of the owner the options are almost endless.  This particular trailer was built to make strapping down the car effortless.  Simply open up the 36″ X 36″ tie down doors and you’ve got easy access to the recessed airline track.  No bending down, no crawling under your car, simply lean into the trailer and secure your trailer to the floor.

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Many customers take a golf cart or ATV with them when they travel.  When you arrive at your destination, the last thing you want to do is unload the car just to access your golf cart…a side ramp door eliminates this problem giving you quick and easy access to the golf cart.  Now, the golf cart can be the first thing you pull out of the trailer and the last thing you put away.  This side ramp door works well with motorcycles too!



WBTA8.5x26+2TTA Trailer Assembly - 3619_Rev GAt inTech we like to provide our customers with options, personalizing your trailer has never been easier!  We provide you with a full set of CAD prints showing every detail of your trailer, so nothing is ever missed.  When you’re looking for the absolute finest trailer look no further than inTech!  Experience the inTech difference, give us a call today at 574-773-9536 and we will put you on contact with one of our authorized inTech dealers that can answer all of your questions and provide you with a detailed quote.


Summertime BBQ!

1Spring is finally here and even though it snowed this week at inTech, we know Summer is just around the corner…and that means BBQ!  The phenomenon continues to grow across the United States and Canada…BBQ teams are assembling and competing all across the nation.  We’ve built a few BBQ trailers in our time, but as is always the case, when the trailer is red she’s going to stand out in the crowd.

3The back porch is ready for the customer to install their smoker and begin making their world class BBQ…we build the trailers for these guys, but unfortunately, we never get to sample any of the incredible food they make.

20Every trailer we manufacture is custom-built to the exact specifications of each customer.  This trailer is set up with a concession window and sinks.  The customer will install the remainder of their kitchen equipment so they’re able to handle the high demand for their delicious BBQ!

BTA8.5x24TA Trailer Assembly - 3538_Rev EEvery critical dimension can be detailed on the CAD prints that are provided with each trailer we manufacture.  You will even receive an interactive PDF that shows a 3 dimensional model of the trailer, so no details are ever overlooked.  If you’re looking for a quality, all-aluminum trailer, look no further than inTech Trailers.  Give us a call today and we can put you in contact with a knowledgeable, authorized dealer that can answer all of your questions and provide you with a no obligation quote.  Experience the inTech Difference!

April Fools Day Joke

super stacker w logo

As many of you may know, one of our favorite holidays is April Fools Day.  Each year we post a crazy trailer that we’ve modified using Photoshop on our Facebook page.  This year was one of our favorites…pictured above, this trailer generated more conversation than any of our past April Fools Day jokes.

The text that accompanied this photo read as follows:

In development for over two years, inTech Trailers is finally ready to release what some are calling, the most ground breaking development in car haulers since the invention of the torsion axle. inTech Trailers is extremely proud to announce the debut of the 2015 “Super Stacker”.

No other trailer in its class can transport as many vehicles. The custom lift has four levels that nest into each other in the lowered position…yes, you read correct…four levels, so that’s a total of four full-size vehicles that you can transport. What is even more amazing is that the Super Stacker has three loft levels that can each carry up to three motorcycles each…a total of up to 9 motorcycles. It doesn’t stop there, we have also included room for a full size golf cart that can be loaded through the 60″ double doors, or you can option a side ramp door for even easier access.

To lighten the overall curb weight without sacrificing any structural integrity each aluminum tube in the frame is filled with helium gas. This new construction technique reduces the overall weight of the trailer by more than 20% and is exclusively available only from inTech!

If you’re ready to think outside of the “trailer” take a look at the incredible Super Stacker. For more information including pricing please speak with your nearest authorized inTech dealer. Please check your local state laws and regulations pertaining to maximum overall height restrictions as inTech Trailers assumes no liability for damage to the trailer or road structures including bridges and overpasses. Experience The inTech Difference!

Surprisingly enough, there is never a shortage of fans who believe the trailer is real…but our favorite thing is reading the different comments.  Here are a few of our favorites:

This is an Obama shovel ready project boost……Needs new bridges and overpasses.

If it’s filled with Helium, does that mean I’ll talk funny when I’m wiping tires at the track.

What’s the ball weigh on that. And does come in fifth wheel?

I Will take 2 and make sure you put a towing package on one so I can pull doubles. I will finally be able to take everything to the track!!!! Thanks Intech!!

Does it come with a pony too? Because I like ponies.

Wonder how many people saw this and were ready to sign the check!!!!!!!

Perfect. Load up your sprint cars and as you wreck ’em they pop out like Maxim/Shaver candies from a PEZ dispenser.

Its amazing to me how many people are seriously trying to explain how this wouldn’t work…besides, the helium would clearly make it all possible.

Does it come with an observation deck with oxygen and an elevator?

Can show movies on the side of it?

YARRRRRRR where be me sail for me ship me hardi? A wind sock on wheels she be.

I can’t wait until you come out with the 7 car stacker because then I’ll have a different car for everyday of the week everywhere I go!!!

We’re excited to see what we can do for next years April Fools Day joke…thanks for taking part!!

Windows Anyone?

We recently had a customer ask us if we could install windows in our trailers…I believe this image quickly explains the answer is YES!  Every inTech Trailer is custom-built to the customers exact specifications.  An immense amount of detail is put into every trailer we manufacture, before we even weld the first aluminum tube.  Consulting with the customer, designing the perfect trailer, engineering the final idea and then manufacturing the trailer that exceeds your expectations.  At inTech, we pride ourselves on delivering a trailer that is beyond extraordinary!  window trailer (1) window trailer (2)

If you’re interested in learning more about inTech Trailers or would like to receive a quote on a trailer, please contact us at 574-773-9536 and we will put you in contact with your nearest authorized inTech dealer.  Experience the inTech Difference!

Trifecta of Silver & Black


We just had three unique trailers come off the production line at the same time and couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to photograph them, despite the frigid temperatures!  This trio of trailers just happened to coincidentally be the same exterior colors and all feature our optional black anodized aluminum trim.  The trailers are all different sizes, 24′, 28′ and 32′.  We had to brave the cold, line them up out front and photograph them.  Experience the inTech Difference!

Festivals of Speed

FOSSPHERE_zpscc23fc44March 13-14 – Amelia Island, FL   Come join us for some sunshine and a celebration of the luxury lifestyle.  Just prior to the Amelia Island Concours you can add a stop at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation and enjoy the Festivals of Speed.  This event will have over 125 of the most exotic automobiles on the planet on display, and countless luxury brands including another incredible inTech Trailer.  This is a must attend event, so mark your calendars now and stop out and see us!  inTech Trailers, Because There is a Difference!


22′ + 6′ inTech All-Sports Trailers

1The growing trend toward All-Sports trailers continues and with winter in full swing it’s easy to see why these trailers have become so popular.  If you keep busy all year round you’re probably looking at a trailer that can pull double or maybe even triple duty…transporting your snowmobiles to the mountains during the winter, your car to the track during the summer and your ATV’s, side by sides or sand rails to the desert just about anytime.  inTech has developed the ultimate All-Sports trailer that can tackle just about anything you have to offer.

The front ramp door mounted on the 6′ wedge makes loading and unloading snowmobiles and ATV’s a breeze.

8Every trailer we manufacture is custom-built to the exact specifications of the owner.  Creating the perfect trailer has never been easier.  This trailer features 12V LED lighting inside and out…so there’s no need for 120V power…the onboard Interstate 12V deep cycle battery will deliver plenty of power.  If the battery gets low, it’s as easy as plugging an extension cord into the trailer and letting the onboard automatic battery charger do its job.

The floor in this trailer is ready for industrial duty and features our Spray-In Scorpion Liner…durable and seamless this trailer can be quickly washed out with a hose or pressure washer.  Don’t worry about the plywood sub-floor, unlike any other manufacturer, inTech utilizes a single piece of .024 aluminum under the plywood and above the frame, creating a vapor barrier floor that will protect your trailer for a lifetime.  Other manufactures simply paint the underside of the plywood leaving you with a rotted out floor in just a few short years.

42Airline track makes securing your car, snowmobile or ATV easy and hassle-free.  Our proprietary airline track was designed and engineered in-house at inTech.  The design features a unique leg system that drops completely down to the frame stabilizing the airline track and providing the absolute best tie-down solution for anything you’re transporting.

The design on this particular trailer incorporates a cabinet layout that takes up the minimum amount of space possible, yet provides massive amounts of storage.  Remember, because every inTech Trailer is custom-built we can design and engineer a cabinet configuration that simply isn’t available at other trailer companies…that’s because we built our cabinets in-house, allowing us to control design and quality.  These cabinets actually house a 30,000BTU LP furnace and (2) 20# LP tanks accessible through a vented exterior door in the wedge nose.

34The custom-built cabinets are available in your choice of over 10 colors and feature anodized aluminum trim, box and pan doors and locking latches.  If you’re ready to step up to an inTech give us a call and we will put you in contact with your nearest authorized inTech dealer.  inTech…Because There is a Difference!!

28′ inTech iCon w/RailRyder System

At this years Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction we featured a 28′ inTech iCon equipped with a RailRyder system.  This unique system makes loading and unloading vehicles easy and hassle-free.  Check out the video and give us a call if you need more information on this incredible product!  For more information on RailRyder, please visit their website at www.railryder.com

inTech…Because There is a Difference!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2015 Trailer

Everyone at inTech Trailers wants to wish you a Safe and Happy New Year!  If you’re not already an inTech owner, maybe 2015 will be the year we can welcome you to the inTech family.  Give us a call at 574-773-9536 and we can put you in contact with one our knowledgeable authorized inTech dealers for a quote on a custom-built, all-aluminum inTech Trailer!

May 2015 be a great year for you and your family!

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, Arizona

facebook adScottsdale, AZ – January 10-18 – Barrett-Jackson is “The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction” and it’s a great place to see three incredible inTech Trailers up close and personal.  See firsthand the incredible attention to detail that goes into each and every inTech Trailer…our dedicated Amish workforce take immense pride in the trailers we build!

This year one of our trailers will feature the Rail Ryder loading system that makes loading your automobile easy and hassle-free.  Rail Ryder is a unique system allows you to tie your car down on a trolly system while the car is outside of the trailer…when everything is ready you simply use a hands-free remote that pulls the car up a rail system and secures the car in place, safely inside the trailer.  No more squeezing out the car or trying to negotiate the car up the ramp using a winch and cable…the Rail Ryder system secures the automobile perfectly in place, every time!

This year marks a very special event at Barrett-Jackson…Ron Pratte will be auctioning off his incredible collection of rare and unique automobiles…over 150 cars in total.  The event was extended this year to handle the over 1500 cars that are planned to cross the auction block.  If you can’t make it out to the event, follow us on Facebook for updates from the show.  We hope to see you there!