Spoiler Alert!

20No one likes a spoiler when they are hearing about a movie they’re going to see…but this is the kind of spoiler you’re going to love!  inTech offers an optional rear spoiler for trailers that comes equipped with two LED loading lights.  The lights can also be optioned to come on when your tow vehicle is in reverse, lighting up everything behind you when you are backing up.

The spoiler is color matched to the trailer, in the case above the trailer is optioned with a stainless steel rear header so the spoiler includes the stainless steel wrap.  Additional LED lights can be optioned into the rear spoiler and some customers have even had optional exterior speakers located in the spoiler.  Are you ready to experience the inTech difference?

Update – Hot August Nights – RENO

GTOReno, Nevada – Hot August Nights wrapped up this past weekend and the weather wasn’t the only thing that was hot.  There was every conceivable car imaginable in attendance during the week long event.  We were fortunate to snag this incredible 1969 Pontiac GTO to display with our 24′ inTech Trailer featuring the RailRyder loading system.

If you haven’t been to this event, you have a year to get your plans together…if this isn’t on your bucket list and your a car guy, you need to get it added.  We’ll see you next year in Reno!

Hot August Nights – Reno, NV

hot august nightsIf it’s not hot enough at home, you might want to head to Reno August 4-9 for the annual Hot August Nights car rally.  An unbelievable collection of amazing cars and hot rods all in one “little town”…this is a must attend event for car enthusiasts.  inTech will be at this incredible event and displaying trailers at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.

We will also be displaying the amazing RailRyder loading system with the creator and owner of the company, Dale Holfius on hand to answer all of your questions.  RailRyder is the ultimate loading system for discriminating owners that have that special car that they simply cannot risk being damaged…or for the customer who wants unmatched ease in loading a car into a trailer.


Below are a few examples of some awesome cars that have found a home in an inTech Trailer and are loaded using the RailRyder system.  For more information on RailRyder call 814-873-1623.  See you in Reno!

mclaren p1 (5) IMG_3933 IMG_4449

Black Anodized Trim Package

We never get tired of building incredibly beautiful and detailed trailers…and let’s be honest, what looks better than a charcoal gray trailer with black anodized trim?  Dare we say this might be the best color combination in the history of trailers?

tim nash 2This customer was extremely excited to take delivery of their new inTech Trailer directly at the inTech factory…expectations exceeded…again!!

If you’re in the market for a trailer, make sure you take a good look at inTech, you might be surprised at just how affordable a quality built trailer really can be!  Give us a call at 574-773-9536 and we will put you in contact with your nearest authorized inTech dealer for a custom quote on the trailer of your dreams…Experience the inTech Difference!

Rennsport Reunion V

September 25-27, 2015, Salinas, California – Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca:  Don’t miss this opportunity to not only see some of the finest Porsche automobiles on the planet, but also several incredible inTech Trailers.  No other trailer is worthy of transporting such fine German engineering than an inTech.  Rennsport Reunion V will be the largest gathering of Porsche racers in the world, including renowned drivers and Porsche collector cars.

Not only will you see the finest Porsche has ever built, you will see them going around the historical Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca circuit.  inTech will also be displaing a custom-built trailer featuring the incredible Rail Ryder loading and securing system.  Stop out and see for yourself why inTech Trailers has become the “Gold Standard” by which all others have come to be judged.  Experience the inTech Difference!

rennsport reunion big logo intechresnnsport reunion poster

Creative Loading!

Every once in a while you find yourself presented with a challenge…wanting to put a little more into a trailer than traditionally fits.  But if you put your mind to it, you can find a way around the limitations of length.  This customer had us brace the walls to receive his custom-built Junior Dragster storage system.  Two winches raise the dragster up enabling the braces to be locked into place…the dragster is lowered down to the braces and secured in place.  Don’t try this in just any trailer or you might find your Junior Dragster laying on top of your other car.


Are you ready to experience the inTech Difference?  Give us a call at 574-773-9536 and we will put you in contact with one of our authorized inTech dealers for expert assistance in designing a trailer that exceeds your greatest expectations!

Generator Slide Out

Many customers are looking to save a bit of money by utilizing a portable generator that they may already own or are planning on purchasing.  There are a number of advantages that a portable generator can provide…first and foremost that you can utilize the generator for more than just your trailer, being portable lends itself to easily transporting for other power requirements.  Second is cost savings, often these portable generators are a fraction of the cost of a fixed mount Onan generator.  Third, many portable generators are able to be combined to run in series giving you additional power when needed for those bigger jobs, like powering a roof mounted air conditioner.  And lastly, today’s portable generators are quieter than ever and very fuel efficient.

So take a look at your options and weigh whether or not a portable generator is right for you…and if it is you might want to consider our generator slide out that makes using your portable generator fast and easy!  Simply open the generator door, pin the door open and slide out the generator…inTech provides a junction box (included with gen prep option) inside the generator compartment that allows you to hook directly from the trailer to the generator or you can use the supplied shore cord.  inTech also includes an automatic transfer switch with the gen prep option.

Experience the inTech Difference!

Slide_Out_inTech (2)

20′ inTech iCon #3783 Full Access!

1This compact 20′ + 2′ wedge car hauler began life as an iCon Series, our most popular trailer package we offer…but it didn’t stop there, the custom features continued and include the following:

  • Upgrade to 12V Whelen Exterior Scene Lights
  • Rear Caster Wheels
  • Weight Distribution Prep
  • Upgrade to Single Post Hydraulic Jack
  • Upgrade to ST235/80R16 Tires
  • Spare Tire
  • (2) In-Floor Spare Tire Compartments
  • Spare Tire Wall Mount
  • Full Access Escape Door – 10′ X 5′
  • 5′ Aluminum Ramp Extension – 72″ Wide
  • In-Floor Battery Compartment
  • Upgrade Interior Lights to 12V LED
  • Tire Rack – 4′
  • 18″ Strap Hangers
  • Airline Track Tie-Down System
  • Add (4) Single Drawers to Base Cabinet
  • Fuel Jug Rack
  • Lowered Skirt w/Reverse Beavertail
  • Color Matched Rear Spoiler w/Loading Lights
  • In-Floor Winch Box
  • 4000# Warn Winch – Wireless Remote
  • Much, Much More!

2.5355826You can’t beat the quality, fit, finish and attention to detail found in an inTech Trailer.  Learn for yourself why inTech Trailers has so quickly become the “Gold Standard” by which all other trailers are judged.  Give us a call at 574-773-9536 and we will direct you to your nearest authorized inTech dealer for full details and a custom quote.  Experience the inTech Difference!

NEW Features!

At inTech we are always striving to improve our products.  Our engineers and designers are hard at work creating the absolute best trailers in the industry.  Our customers and end-users are the best source for finding areas where we can make improvements.  Below are just a few examples of new and refined features and options found on inTech Trailers:

2.75This is our all-new 7′ wedge featuring a 72″ wide front ramp door.  This new design makes it easier for larger vehicles, particularly mountain sleds to make the turn and exit the trailer.  The flooring on this trailer is our Polybead floor which is available in black and gray.  This flooring is very durable and can even handle the carbide studs found on snowmobile tracks.

20This is our new rear spoiler that features the angled sides, but is flat in the center.  The advantage is that you do not lose any of the overall height of the rear ramp door.  If the spoiler was angled down the entire width it would reduce the rear ramp door height approximately 5″…if you’re transporting taller side by sides or golf carts that’s height you can’t afford to give up.

11Our all-new slide out step features a few valuable improvements.  The latching mechanism has been moved from underneath the trailer to a single pull handle located to the right of the step for easier access.  The step locks in the stored or out position.  The new design also incorporates radius corners and a grated surface for improved traction.

37We just designed a new hanging rod that has individual hanger locations that keep your clothing from sliding around like they would on a traditional clothes rod.  This new option can be used under an overhead cabinet or in a closet.IMG_3539We recently redesigned our extruded aluminum flooring.  The new design has numerous improvements over our last design.  Most noticeable is the actual surface design which features evenly spaced raised extrusions that are slightly dished which creates exceptional traction.  The surface aluminum has been beefed up and is now more ding and dent resistant than our previous flooring.  Most importantly, this flooring is 3/4″ tall and is designed to work directly with our own proprietary recessed airline track.

These are just a few of the newest improvements from inTech Trailers.  For complete details on all of the advantage of an inTech Trailer, please give us a call at 574-773-9536 and we will put you in contact with your nearest authorized inTech dealer.  Experience the inTech Difference!

Quarter Midget-Mania – #3751

1Have you ever seen a quarter midget race trailer like this?  The trend lately has been toward larger trailers as teams are showing up with 3, 4 or even 5 cars.  The extra space of a larger trailer not only enables a team to bring more race cars, but also have more room for their spare parts, tires and even a full blown workshop.  If you’re looking to take your quarter midget team to the next level, check out inTech Trailers…the “Gold Standard” in all-aluminum performance inspired trailers!

2.5This trailer was designed and setup to the customers exact specifications.  The layout is extremely efficient for his quarter midget team.  The custom tire rack on the right side holds more than a weekends worth of rubber and all of the custom-built cabinets provide ample storage for spare parts and tools.

29When things heat up at the track you want temperatures to stay cool inside your trailer.  The rear double doors located just inside the rear ramp door provide a solid thermal barrier yet still allows quick and easy access to the trailer.  Large windows allow light to enter the trailer while the tinted glass and day/night shades provide privacy when desired.  Because the windows are located behind the rear ramp door security remains high even when the trailer is unattended.

BTA8.5x24TA Trailer Assembly - 3751_Rev EEvery aspect of the trailer is detailed in a full set of CAD prints.  Every customer also receives an interactive 3D PDF that lets you zoom in and out and spin the trailer around…seeing every angle and every detail…even before we weld the first aluminum tube.

Call us today at 574-773-9536 and we will put you in contact with one of our authorized and highly qualified inTech dealers.  Experience the inTech Difference!