inTech Tag Trailers

inTech Tag Trailers offer incredible value across the board. Regardless of whether you are looking for a car hauler or a motorcycle trailer, when you take the time to compare feature for feature, benefit for benefit there is no better value than an inTech Tag Trailer. An even more important consideration is the actual product. At inTech Trailers we specialize in building all-aluminum, all-tube tag trailers with an emphasis on unmatched quality, fit and finish.

We have a dedicated Amish workforce that takes enormous pride in building the finest aluminum trailers available. While we believe the galleries showcase our extraordinary craftsmanship, there is nothing like seeing an inTech Trailer in person. inTech offers factory tours and customer pickup of your completed trailer.

With a wide selection of lengths and widths, every inTech Trailer is custom built to your exact specifications. Call us today to learn more about the inTech difference and schedule a factory tour!

inTech All Aluminum Tag Trailers
inTech All Aluminum Tag Trailers

Tag Trailers Standard Features

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  • One Piece Aluminum Subfloor Vapor Barrier
  • 3/4" Plywood Subfloor
  • (2) Dome Lights
  • (1) 12V Power Roof Vent
  • 6.5' Standard Interior Height
  • (4) 5000# Recessed D-Rings
  • 4' Interior Beavertail ***


***Standard features are for most configurations. Some standards may be slightly different because particular sizes won't fit into a configuration. (Example: A 36" side door won't fit into a 6x10 trailer, a smaller sized, same series door will be used in this instance).

Tag Trailers Sizes & Specs

Models and Sizes (Click orange dot of desired configuration to see spec table)

8.5 Wide Trailers
Tandem Axle
8.5 x 12
8.5 x 14
8.5 x 16
8.5 x 18
8.5 x 20
8.5 x 22
8.5 x 24
8.5 x 26
8.5 x 28
Triple Axle
8.5 x 30  
8.5 x 32  

5 - 6.5 - 7.5 Wide Trailers
Single Axle
Tandem Axle
7.5 x 12
7.5 x 14
7.5 x 16
7.5 x 18
7.5 x 20
6.5 x 10
6.5 x 12
6.5 x 14
5 x 8
5 x 10

inTech Aluminum Trailer Colors

We have a wide range of available colors in various thicknesses of aluminum. Upon customer's request we can mail actual paint samples. In addition to the colors shown below we offer full service paint and graphics.

Color .030 .040 .050
  Polar White FH
  Silver Frost (Metallic)
  Black FH
  Medium Charcoal Gray (Metallic)  
  Metallic Bronze    
  Champagne Beige (Metallic)  
  Light Pewter(Metallic)  
  Sunset Gold (Metallic)    
  Metallic Dark Gray    
  Metallic Gray   FH FH
  Dove Gray    
  Penske Yellow FH  
  Ryder Yellow   FH  
Color .030 .040 .050
  Hunter Red   FH FH
  Victory Red  
  Old Coke Red   FH  
  Allied Orange     FH
  Schneider Orange    
  Indigo Blue    
  New Pepsico Blue   FH  
  North American Blue     FH
  Old Pepsico Blue   FH  
  Deep Green    
  Cargo Green    
  Emerald Green(Metallic)    
  Chevy Green    

*FH - This designates a thickness that is available as Full Hard only. A full hard metal alluminum cannot be bent at front or rear corners without cracking, additional upgrades may be required with a FH color selected.

*Colors shown are simply a representation of what is available and the actual color can vary from what you see on your computer monitor .

inTech Aluminum Trailers 5/3 Transferable Warranty (Recreational Use)

inTech Trailers warrants the structural portion of the trailer manufactured for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase for recreationally used trailers and 2 years when used commercially or for industrial use. The structural portion of the warranty includes the main aluminum frame and all the aluminum crossmembers welded to it, including the framing in the walls and roof. The trailer manufactured by inTech Trailers shall be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship supplied and attributable to inTech Trailers for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase for recreationally used trailers and 2 years when used commercially or for industrial trailers,. Other components such as but not limited to tires, wheels, axles, awnings, winches, couplers, generators, hydraulic pumps, jacks, air conditioners, doors, windows, etc are covered by OEM warranties and thus must be filed with the OEM.

For trailers used recreationally, this warranty is transferrable to any sequential owners for the remainder of the warranty period. When ownership is transferred, a new warranty registration card must be filed with inTech Trailers within 15 days of purchase. The terms and conditions of the warranty are applicable for all future owners of the product. When used commercially or for industrial use, the warranty is non-transferrable.

The inTech Trailers warranty is valid only if the trailer is returned to inTech Trailers for repairs or a repair facility authorized by inTech Trailers. Reasonable notification must be given for all repairs. When an authorized repair facility is used, a written estimate must be provided to inTech Trailers prior to any work being performed. This warranty does not cover freight to or from inTech Trailers for repairs or to an authorized repair facility. The original purchaser of the product and any person to whom the product is transferred, and any person who is an intended user or beneficiary of the product shall not be entitled to recover any consequential or incidental damages resulting from any defect in the product. These damages include damage to personal property, loss of use of the trailer, loss of revenues or any other commercial losses, subsequent use of rental equipment, loss of time and inconvenience or any other such losses.

inTech Trailers 5/3 Transferable Warranty (Recreational Use) & 2/2 Warranty (Commercial or Industrial Use)

This warranty is void if the product has been modified, abused, overloaded, inappropriately loaded, neglected or misused in any way. inTech Trailers reserves the exclusive right to determine whether or not the consumer has misused the product. The purchaser must notify inTech Trailers of any defect within (10) ten days after it is discovered. The purchaser warranty form must be completed and returned to inTech Trailers within (30) thirty days of purchase

The 3M VHB tape used for bonding the seams on the screwless exterior has a limited temperature rating. In extreme situations, if units exceed this temperature, this may cause problems with the screwless exterior. If problems should arise with the screwless exterior, inTech Trailers reserves the right to make repairs by applying rivets or screws in the walls as a part of our warranty procedure.

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