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Entered Code: PTJAHLFFMJDEHUOrder#: 25282Customer: inTech (013127)
Status: ShippedStatus Date: 10/17/2022 Sign Off Date: 04/12/2022
Critical Build Date: n/a Completion Date: 09/15/2022 Weight: 3,292 lbs.


Thank you for trusting inTech Trailers to build your new trailer! We look forward to providing you the highest quality trailer as smoothly and quickly as possible. In order to increase the accuracy on your new trailer and decrease turnaround time, we would request that you take a little time to learn more about what to expect during the sales, design and production processes that we utilize.

This page is set up as an information hub to get all the current information on your trailer including prints, photos, and checking the status of your trailer any time you want.

Please take some time to review our documents area to find information that will help you during ordering, design, and delivery of your new trailer. Feel free to share your web access code with family or friends that may want to track along with you on the build of your new trailer.

Lead times are often requested at the time a new order is placed. These estimates are always given in weeks from the date of the signed off prints and order and may vary greatly depending on the number of print revisions that are requested. If a large number of units are signed off before your unit is signed off, the estimated lead time may change. Please check back with your dealer after your unit is signed off to verify current lead times. Lead times are approximate and are not a guarantee of delivery.

If you have a critical build date please let your dealer know as soon as possible to ensure that inTech can meet your desired timeframe. Critical dates should always be given as manufacturing completion dates and not delivery dates. If your dealer is arranging delivery then they will be able to help establish an accurate critical build date. We cannot control shipping and delivery timelines so we must know the date the trailer needs to be completed in production at the factory, not when you need it at a certain location.

The status shown above lets you know what is happening with your order at any given time. Take some time to review the information below to get a better understanding of what the status means.

  • Order Received for Entry:  inTech has received your order from the dealer. It will go to a review meeting within 24 hours and then it will either go to Engineering or questions will be sent back to the dealer.
  • To Engineering for Initial Prints:  inTech produces a full set of prints for each trailer once the order is completed. Depending on the complexity of the build the initial prints will take between 1-3 weeks.
  • Prints & Order to Dealer for Sign Off:  The order and prints have both been updated as needed and sent back to the dealer for sign off. The dealer should be contacting you with any order changes at this point and work on print changes or getting a sign off to proceed.
  • To Sales from Engineering:  Your new prints will be available online at this point. Prints have been updated and returned to sales to make any changes requested by engineering.
  • Waiting on Questions to Dealer:  This status will show when there are open questions out to the dealer. This could be a conflict in options, clarifications on locations or any number of other things. This status means that inTech is not actively working on your order.
  • To Engineering for Print Revisions:  inTech has received your requested changes to the prints and Engineering will update the drawings. Revisions receive priority and these will typically be returned in 1-3 business days from our receipt.
  • Order & Prints Signed Off:  We have received the sign off from the dealer on the order and the prints. Now that your unit is signed off you can check with your dealer to see what the current lead time would be.
  • Ordered for Production:  Materials have now been ordered for your trailer. At this time any changes made will likely incur additional change order fees and delay completion of your unit. With so many shortages in the industry, inTech has responded by ordering materials as close to the sign off date as possible. This status is NOT correlated to production start at this time.
  • In Production:  Your trailer has started in production. A typical trailer will take between 1.5-3 weeks to build depending on the complexity of your trailer. Check the construction photos area to see photos updated daily.
  • Change Order After Sign Off:  This status means that there is a change requested after the unit is signed off. If materials have already been ordered additional charges may be required. Making changes after sign off may cause delays in completing your new trailer.
  • Change Order In Production:  This status means that there is a change requested to the trailer while it is in production. Since all materials have been ordered and the build has already begun, additional charges may be required to make your desired changes. Production may also stop on your trailer until we know the outcome of the changes.
  • Holding Per Dealer:  The dealer has put a hold on the order. This status means inTech is not actively working on your order.
  • Waiting to Ship:  Your new trailer has completed in production and is waiting to be picked up or shipped. Check the completed photos to see pictures of your finished unit.
  • Shipped:  Your new trailer has been picked up or shipped. We hope you enjoy your new inTech Trailer!

As you work with a dealer and place your order there are many tools to help you. The more informed you are on what is available from inTech and what you want in a new trailer the faster we can get your design done. We at inTech are more than happy to make changes and adjust the design to fit your needs as you see new things, but these changes take time. Please review the buyers guide, the many galleries on our web site, and talk to your authorized inTech dealer who can provide you with great advice and options that you may have not considered.

Please keep in mind that we need to know ahead of time about any critical completion dates that you may have. If you need your new trailer for a specific event or trip please let your dealer know as early in the process as possible. We will let your dealer know if that date is possible and ensure that we hit that date if it is.

Providing a pre-print floorplan sketch to your dealer at the time your order is placed will help to make sure that everything is located properly and help to expedite the print process. Please let us know about any critical dimensions when you submit your order, if we don't know a dimension is critical we can't know to hold it.

Once your order is received we will do an initial review of your order to ensure that there aren't any missing items or questions that we have that may slow down or stop the print process. If we discover these items during the review you will see the status change to Waiting on Questions to Dealer. Once all questions are answered and all required supporting documents are received the trailer order will be sent to engineering for initial prints. Depending on the number of orders in process and the complexity of your order, it is normal for the initial prints to take somewhere between 1-3 weeks. An extremely complex build may require more time than that to make sure that everything will fit and work as it is designed. Subsequent print revisions typically take 1-3 business days, but may also vary depending on the number and complexity of changes.

Now that your trailer design has been approved it is time for our team of veteran trailer builders to construct your new trailer from the ground up. Many people believe that once their trailer is signed off it is immediately ordered for and starts in production within days. We don't ever try to exceed our demand because we value our team of employees and understand that having stability in our production staff is what allows us to make a product that is truly superior to those that you find elsewhere.

It is quite normal for the status to remain as Order & Prints Signed Off until about 4-5 weeks before the expected completion date. All of the materials will be ordered for your trailer around a month before the trailer is to complete. Production times vary for different trailers based on their size and complexity, but they can take anywhere from 1.5 weeks for a simple build to 3 or more weeks for a bath package or a larger very custom build. As soon as the status changes to In Production you can expect to see production photos uploaded each morning from the end of the previous production day. Once the trailer is completed we will upload completed photos of your unit for you to share with your friends.

To download files to your local harddrive, right-click on the link, then left-click on "Save link as" or "Save target as" depending on the browser that you use.

Click on a section heading to view the available documents.

inTech New Order Important Information - This quick read will outline some items to pay attention to during the order and design processes. The better prepared you are, the more quickly we will be able to produce your trailer for you.

inTech Trailers Buyer's Guide - This guide will walk you through what to pay attention to when designing your new trailer. This is a great read before placing your order.

inTech Wheel Guide - We are pleased to offer a standard aluminum wheel on all our trailers. We also offer the opportunity for our customers to customize the wheels to the style they would like for an upgraded option cost. Please let your dealer know if you’d like to have a specific wheel style for your trailer.

Car Loading Clearance Checklist - Fill out this form for any vehicles you will be loading into the trailer. With the car clearance checklist we can determine what length of ramps may be needed to eliminate any interference when you load a car. We also check escape door and wheelbox dimensions for door clearances.

Gooseneck Truck Clearance Checklist - This form should be used for gooseneck trailers. This information will help us adjust the bunk height of the trailer if needed. This will ensure proper clearance and adjustment in the gooseneck coupler to be able to tow the trailer level and assure there won't be interference with the truck cab. This is required for all gooseneck trailer orders before prints are done.

Wide Body Waiver of Liability - If your trailer has the wide body option then we require this form to be filled out and sent in before the unit is considered fully signed off.

Print Revision Form - Fill out this form and send it to your dealer along with notated drawings during the design process to dictate what changes need to be made to the prints. The information we receive from you directly helps us make sure that we put things in the right place saving time in your new build.

Retail Customer Pickup Instructions - This is a must read for anyone coming to pick up their trailer at the factory. We do not charge a factory pickup fee and would love to have you come take a tour and meet the people that built your new trailer. We would ask if you are coming to the plant that you read the instructions and be fully prepared to take delivery as we have limited ability to help with certain things.

inTech Owner's Manual - This manual will help you to enjoy your new trailer to the fullest and to help you maintain your trailer in excellent working condition.

inTech Combined Warranty - This details our warranty for your new trailer. The bottom portion can be sent in to register your trailer warranty. If you sell your trailer, the new owner should submit the bottom portion in again to transfer the warranty at no charge.

7 Way Plug - This schematic will show you the wiring diagram for our standard 7-Way plug. It is important to make certain that the 7-Way receiver on your tow vehicle matches this diagram so that all lighting and brakes work properly.

Motorsports Electrical Schematic - This schematic will show you the standard basic wiring diagram for an inTech Trailer.

What to Look for on Prints

Every trailer that we build is based upon a full set of custom prints detailing the option locations and dimensions of your trailer. Once you receive your prints, you may make location changes and add or remove options as necessary. Please take your time to fully review the prints to ensure an accurate build and efficient signoff.

If you need any changes or additional dimensions shown, simply mark your prints and return them along with the print revision form to your dealer. We will update the prints and return to you for review. Once you have a set of prints with everything exactly as you would like it, simply initial and date each page along with the final order and return it to your dealer for signoff. Below is a list of some items that are often overlooked or misunderstood on the prints:

  • Dimensions: All dimensions and locations of options listed on the print are nominal and may move slightly from what is shown on the print based on framing or other interferences during the build. If you have a critical dimension, please let us know and we will label it as such and make certain that we can achieve that dimension before the trailer starts in production.
  • Ball Height: The ball height of the trailer is listed on the prints and should be checked against your tow vehicle and hitch setup. RV's and toters may have higher ball heights. Adjustments can be made to ensure the correct coupler height if we know about it ahead of time.

If something is missing from your prints or order, then it may not be built accurately! inTech builds to signed off prints and orders and when there is a discrepancy, prints are final. Please make sure that everything is shown on your prints and only submit signed off prints with no changes shown.

To download files to your local harddrive, right-click on the link, then left-click on "Save link as" or "Save target as" depending on the browser that you use. 3D prints will automatically download as they must be opened in an external PDF reader to function correctly.

Click on a section heading to view available prints.

These images were taken during production phase. Navigate to an image you wish to see more closely, then click on the thumbnail to see a larger image. While viewing a large image, you can use the left and right arrows on the image to navigate through the gallery.

There are no construction photos available at this time. Please check back!

These images were taken after completion of the production phase. Navigate to an image you wish to see more closely, then click on the thumbnail to see a larger image. While viewing a large image, you can use the left and right arrows on the image to navigate through the gallery.

Download all completed photos in a zip file

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