Why Buy an inTech Trailer?

Trussed Service Walk-On Roof System
Engineered Trailer
Quality Components
Expert Craftsmanship
Exceptional Quality, Fit & Finish
Superior Cabinet Construction
Vapor Barrier Floor
3/5 Year Transferrable Warranty

More Standard Features

When you take the time to compare our trailers to the competition, you are going to quickly discover that we have more standard features and in some cases features that are not even available as options with the competition! Standard Features Include:

  • All-Aluminum, All-Tube Construction
  • Full-Perimeter Frame
  • Dexter® Torsion Axles
  • Electric Brakes on All Axles
  • 16" On Center Construction (Walls/Roof/Floor)
  • Vapor Barrier Floor
  • Screwless Exterior Aluminum (3M VHB)
  • Arched Trussed Roof System
  • Service Walk-On Roof
  • LED Interior
  • Exterior Lighting
  • 12V Roof Vents

The inTech Aluminum Trailer Difference

The inTech People

The most important ingredient in any company is the people. With aluminum trailers, that is even more important because our products are not built utilizing robotics or any other automated processes. Our manufacturing process uses good old fashioned craftsmanship, one custom aluminum trailer at a time.

That process starts with a team of people that understand aluminum trailers, like our sales consultants that are able to help guide you as we design your dream trailer. Our degreed engineers utilize SolidWorks®, a state-of-the-art software system that allows us to carefully design every aspect of your custom trailer.

During the production phase, our certified welders begin the assembly process of the all aluminum, all tube frame that will become the backbone of your custom aluminum trailer. Our Amish workforce has a long heritage of high quality craftsmanship. Throughout the construction process their commitment to quality is seen every step of the way.

The inTech Aluminum Trailer Difference
inTech Quality All Aluminum Trailers

The inTech Process

Understanding the processes utilized in the construction of our custom trailers is extremely important in creating the absolute finest end product. It all begins with listening to the customer and understanding their wants and needs. Our goal isn't just to create a great custom aluminum trailer, but more importantly to build the trailer you want.

Before we weld the first aluminum tube, our engineers utilize SolidWorks®, the latest in 3D CAD software and provide you with a detailed set of prints, including an interactive 3D model that allows you to see every aspect of your custom trailer. Seeing this "virtual trailer" before it's built assures you that we're all on the same page.

Once the custom order and prints are back in your hands, we understand that there are going to be changes. Dialing in a custom trailer does not happen in the first attempt, there is typically a process of going back and forth where we make subtle changes so that the trailer is exactly as you want. At inTech we realize this is a part of the process and our goal is to build your perfect trailer, so these changes are always welcome.

Quality control throughout production is critical to creating a great aluminum trailer. Most companies check quality at the end of production when it's often too late to make effective changes. At inTech we perform quality checks throughout the production process and more importantly each member of the production team takes ownership of their work resulting in the best possible custom all aluminum trailer for you.

inTech Custom Aluminum Trailers
inTech All Aluminum Trailers

The inTech Product

inTech Aluminum Trailers are manufactured using only the finest materials available. We don't cut corners when we purchase the materials that go into our trailers and it shows at every level. Our quality, fit and finish is unmatched and we're so confident in our trailers that we offer the only transferrable warranty in the industry, so rest assured that we have done everything possible to manufacture an aluminum trailer that will deliver years of trouble-free service.

Take the time to compare inTech to the competition. We want you to make an informed decision but we are certain once you compare an inTech to any other aluminum trailer you are going to see that feature for feature, benefit for benefit, no other manufacturer offers as much value as inTech.

At inTech we place high importance on "Quality of Ownership". What exactly is "Quality of Ownership"? It's what we strive to achieve for each and every customer we manufacture a custom trailer for...it's all about how happy you are with your trailer during the entire period you own it. At inTech, we take the time to manufacture the best aluminum trailers in the industry so that you are happy with your purchase not only the day you pick up your new trailer but every year that follows!

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inTech Aluminum Motorcycle Trailers
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